My name is Pia and I’m a really passionate skin therapist. I’m the owner of Verve and have been working here in Kew for 20+ years now.
I truly believe that each of you, men and women alike, of all ages, like to present well and feel confident in their skin. This is why you need to know me and why you need to know Verve!

Putting your best face forward, so to speak, can be a bit of a minefield. My industry, like any other, is often saturated with misinformation, average service providers and even more average products. Gah! I've spent my whole skin career wading through all the BS to get here - surrounded by ace equipment and incredible skin care.

I’m sure you are all aware that fitness is a good thing… muscle fitness, lung fitness, heart fitness, brain fitness… they are all things that contribute to your overall wellness and ability to enjoy life. What about skin fitness?
Have you considered what it takes to get your skin fit?
I have.

Skin fitness is exactly why I have spent the last 20years in my industry honing my skill base & constantly updating my knowledge .

Did you know your skin is your largest organ? It is amazingly intricate – have a look at it right now .... and just consider what an full on and full time job it does for you each day, battling all the internal (ie diet, stress, age) and external (ie pollutions, chemicals, environment, sun) influences. In most cases skin receives very little help from its owner!

The Verve expert skin crew has spent time learning about cell structure and function, about product chemistry and the way products and/or specific ingredients interact with skin, about the latest technology and how it can impact your skin - all so that it is easy, affordable AND EFFECTIVE for you to care for your skin.

Along the way we take the time to educate you so that you really form a healthy respect and a deeper connection to your skin and how hard it actually works to keep it all together! We also incoporate deeply healing energetic practices, vibrational sound healing, incredible massage and breathwork to supercharge your own innate healing capabilities on a physical, mental and emotional plane.
We really care about our clients.
We really care about you feeling amazing.
We really care about providing exceptional value, about getting the best skin results and we love helping people look radiant! 
Feeling great is intimately connected to the way your skin and your face looks and feels, as I am sure you know.
Come in and get skin fit with us!