This is one of our favourite modalities for treating a range of skin types & conditions. Also called Dermal Needling or Skin Needling, it is the only rejuvenation treatment that maximises penetration of essential cell nutrients & maximises release of growth factors associated with positive aspects of wound healing simultaneously.  In clinic Collagen Induction Therapy is an advanced paramedical collagen induction technique for necks and faces – lift, firm, brighten & tighten! Utilising a medically engineered device to create micro punctures into the epidermis, to treat a variety of conditions (ageing, scarring, pores & pigmentation). Absolutely fantastic & worth every penny! Best results are seen after 3 treatments, performed at 4-6 week intervals.. Ensuring you receive the very best long term outcome, with positive cellular activity gains, is our entire focus. Pre-prep will be required, including  both home & in salon care

What is CIT?

A personal favourite, this superior paramedical treatment delivers outstanding results. Vertical Clinical Skin Needling is an advanced technology utilising multiple super fine needles that vertically pierce the skin with an automatic vibrating function. Our machine oscillates at incredibly high rotations in and out of your skin so fast, and with such top quality superfine needles that we can do a 0.5mm depth face & neck treatment with NO ANAESTHETIC REQUIRED !
Unlike traditional skin needling ‘rollers’, the vertical skin needling treating depth can be adjusted by your therapist throughout each face or neck section (so it is specific to each individual’s skin needs), & causes minimal trauma. Results are instant, & accumulative with subsequent treatments. This tailored treatment ensures we achieve remarkable anti-ageing & skin smoothing results for you with little or no downtime – very impressive!

What happens in the treatment?

Skin Needling promotes the right kind of growth factors needed for top quality collagen production and has minimal epidermal damage (therefore reducing pain and discomfort), making it a safer & more effective treatment than anything else on the market! This treatment creates some serious skin rebuilding. We have undertaken extensive dermal training to bring Clinical Skin Needling to Verve, for the direct benefit of our valued clients!
In a Skin Needling treatment, your therapist is carefully initiating a wound healing response (which directly translates to a huge increase in deposition of high quality, densely woven collagen), whilst allowing fine channels to be created (as the cartridge moves over your skin). These channels deliver up to 80% more topical nutrients, allowing for active ingredient delivery deep into the skin. This increased absorption of active ingredients, chosen by your therapist specifically for this treatment, feeds the cells with the right ingredients to generate faster repair and excellent resurfacing results.
This is the ONLY anti-ageing modality that creates such a specific long term collagen response as it uses NO HEAT. It is far superior to Fraxel Laser/Thermage or similar treatments because of this. There are no significant side effects and very little downtime. It has a completely different & vastly superior effect on the skin than a traditional course of microdermabrasion or peel treatments – the repair & rejuvenation comes from deep within the dermal layer, giving you long lasting & very visible results.

So – what exactly happens inside the skin?

An easy explanation is this (with thanks to the leader in the field of clinical Needling, Dr Lance Setterfield) – our epidermis & dermis form a protective barrier. Once this is breached, the wound healing process is immediately initiated. First priority includes mechanisms to stop blood flow and a ‘call to help clean up’ from other cell types. The ‘first responders’ flood the scene to seal the site (known as the ‘inflammatory phase’). Platelets aggregate to constrict blood flow, & your cell ‘police’ (neutrophils & lymphocytes) ‘secure’ the site & ‘arrest’ any bacteria while they ‘clean up’ the area. At the same time, these ‘first responders’ are recruiting ‘repair crews’ (your fibroblasts, endothelial & epithelial cells, all part of the proliferative or growth phase) via special cell messaging with substances known as growth factors & cytokines.
New capillary paths are created to replace the damaged ones. This ensures adequate oxygenation & transportation of needed ‘building materials’ into the site, plus the removal of waste products out of the site. Rapid repair of the ‘roof’ (your skin surface) is critical in allowing the remaining ‘repair crew’ (fibroblasts) to function in optimum conditions (sterile, non-inflammatory) in order to lay down the strong new infrastructure (granulation tissue & extracellular matrix – thicker, denser, plumper skin). Considering the external threats after a breach of the skin occurs (and the need to quickly prevent loss of internal ‘valuables’), this emergency, makeshift structure is hastily constructed. New collagen (type 3) is initially produced quickly by young fibroblasts to form granulation tissue before the tougher, much desired type 1 collagen is synthesised (synthesis happens only after the correct cell messages  for Type 1 collagen are sent via growth factors – this is where Clinical Needling is distinctly different from other modalities!). More refinement occurs as time passes – collagen takes up to 2 years to finish remodelling, meaning your skin will continue improving over time (as long as you support it with the correct skin nutrition).
Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) Prices

Collagen Induction Therapy with Omnilux LED Light Therapy

60min | 390

Intensive CIT Course - 3x CIT with Omnilux Treatments

For 5 star skin! Commit to 3 “Collagen Induction Therapy with Omnilux” over 9 days, and SAVE a mega $345! With pre & post treatment protocols designed by your therapist to suit your skin exactly your skin will be rejuvenated, plump and renewed.

3 Treatments | 825
It is important to note, Clinical Collagen Induction Therapy (& all the other aforesaid modalities) used alone will never be enough. Supporting the skin on a daily basis is vital for the success of any skin program. This means that excellent, active & effective homecare (to ensure the right ingredients are in there to target cell processes!) IS A MUST for the very best results. An excellent barrier function must be present! We can help set you up with all the necessary skin ingredients to prep, repair & maintain your skin.
Home Rolling with an MTS 0.2 or 0.3 device is safe & extraordinarily easy to do! It seems almost ridiculous that such a simple procedure can have such a huge impact on cellular processes, but this amazing little tool works wonders when used as instructed, and with the right homecare to support your particular skin needs.  What each skin needs to complement it is completely individual.
Home Rolling promotes & regulates your cell turnover, smooths skin, minimises pores, reduces fine lines, increases production of Epidermal Growth Factors (very important for healthy skin & anti-ageing processes!), plumps skin & evening pigmentation distribution (thickening your Spinosum Layer).Home rolling optimises & normalises your cell function, increasing cellular ‘cross talk’ - meaning that your skin can finally communicate its desire to be radiant & healthy and, more importantly, can finally make it happen!!!
Rolling daily (or almost daily) effectively ‘wakes up’ your keratinocyte cell function. The keratinocyte is considered to be the ‘queen’ of the cells in your epidermis, for its ability to organise & communicate with many other cell types. A fully functioning keratinocyte is essential for a high performing skin, & that is what Home Rolling helps exacerbate. Positive cell changes leave your skin looking plumper, brighter & behaving more youthfully! Yes, please, I’ll have that!!
Do not use your MTS Roller on the following skin conditions: Active acne, eczema, severe solar keratosis, skin cancer, raised moles or warts, or if you are unsure about using the product we can guide you!