Are you at a crossroads with your complexion?

We talk to people every day that want to do something about the overall quality of their skin… but they’re just not sure what to use or why, or who to believe? With constant media bombardment, confusing media claims, and a number of ‘beauty’ practitioners that lack specific skin knowledge there can be a lot of crap to wade through ---> unless you contact an expert skin therapist to help get you some real answers!


Many factors contribute to ageing skin; it’s a multifaceted organ that requires a multifaceted solution ~ there is no ONE magic bullet!  


Your Verve skin therapist accesses scientifically proven tools, plus expert skin knowledge gained through years of education & dedication to the craft. Your skin success is literally what drives us forwards.


Skin Consultation Prices

Skin Consultation with Beau Visage™ images

An absolute necessity to understand the how, why & what of your skin to build ‘Your Future Skin Map’. Includes diagnostic images & woods lamp consult. We provide a wealth of information about your skin, plus a detailed follow up email, & track your results over time.

60min | 85

Naturopathic Skin Consultation with Pia

Pia provides a detailed health review, simple advice and education around healthy lifestyle choices and safe effective natural medicines. The aim is to treat the symptoms of your problem thoroughly and effectively, whilst evaluating and managing the aspects of your general health that may be contributing to the problem.

70min | 120










Skin Consultation FAQ


1)    How often should you get a skin analysis?

Seasonally is most ideal! If you’re serious about your skin health then having a skin analysis every 3-4 months ensures you can readjust your skin program as necessary – stressful life events (or just ongoing chronic stress), environmental exposures (think relative humidity, holidays, outdoor activities) changes in food/liquid choices, exercise choices and many other lifestyle factors will all contribute to internal cell changes. Internal changes eventually progress into external, visual changes. Your skin is a dynamic, constantly changing organ who’s nutrient requirements also change over the year. Keeping on top of these changes ensures you’re keeping your skin in the best health possible… and this is what gives you that gorgeous skin glow!


2)    What happens during a skin analysis?

Here at Verve we delve deep into your skin history so we can provide the most realistic appraisal of your entirely individual skin story. Your skin story is different to mine, your mum or your best friends. You truly are unique, so our information gathering includes a detailed questionnaire and the use of technology such as face imaging and woods lamp diagnosis. These tools enable us to present you with a comprehensive skin fitness plan and the best education that is specific and relevant to you, your skin and your overall wellness.

Your plan includes recommendations for Dermaviduals homecare products and in-clinic care treatments such as Mesotherapy Active Infusion, RF Skin Tightening, LED Light Therapy, IPL, CIT Skin Needling and various other facial rejuvenation services, and may also include referrals to see allied health practitioners to assist you gain optimum health.

Our promise is to educate and inform, provide nutrition tips, motivation and more, so that you can truly feel the most connected to your skin that you’ve ever been! Understanding HOW your skin looks and feels the way it does means that the WHY of following your skin care plan just makes perfect sense. We find that all our clients feel the most motivated to care for their skin than they have ever been after this process! Each subsequent analysis simply helps reinforce skin cell system concepts and build greater understanding of the fabulous skin you’re in.


During your Verve Skin Wellness consultation you meet with your skin coach to:

  • Discuss skin goals and current health and lifestyle status
  • Assess your readiness for change and how committed you are to the process
  • Create and work on short and long-term goals
  • Identify any barriers and problem solve strategies together

Follow-up communication after the session is provided via email and future skin sessions are scheduled as determined by you and your coach.


3)    Should I bring anything with me to my skin analysis?

Absolutely! Please bring with you your entire current skin regime, or a detailed list.  This includes ANYTHING that you regularly apply to any area of your skin - skin care, make-up, body products, or medications, so that we can offer you further ingredient information as required. We work with a ‘no nasties’ skin care policy, which is sadly not a standard taken up by enough other skin care operators/manufacturers. We like to keep you informed about potential cell issues that can arise with the use of different ingredients so that you can make the best, most informed choices


4)    How long does it take?

Our Skin Consults take 50mins, although you will also need 10minutes prior to your appointment to fill out our Skin Health Questionnaire. We know we provide a lot of information during the consult so take the time to compose and send a detailed follow-up email to ensure you are armed with all the information you need to make empowering skin decisions!


5)    Benefits of a skin analysis?

We'll be able to reveal to you the exact steps you need to take to have the skin you desire. Whether you have teen acne, adult acne, hormonal blemishes, blackheads, dryness, irritation and sensitivity, rosacea, red skin, pigmentation or age spots there are steps that you can take to change it!


We believe excellent skin care is a dynamic partnership, and a great Skin Analysis will build awareness and enhance your skin wellness knowledge so you can make better choices. This inspires daily actions of self care, and helps eliminate barriers around prioritising self, and other issues with self-esteem. In this way we are empowering people to look great and feel amazing, no matter their age or previous skin condition!


The other key benefit is the ability to track progress over time, so you can celebrate the positive changes. Knowing you are doing the best for your skin will really help elevate your self-confidence, amplify your self-assurance and help create your own inner and outer glow.


6)    Does skin change that much from consultation to consultation?

Depending on your individual skin health, previous and current lifestyle choices and what type of homecare and in-clinic program you are on, skin can change dramatically within 3 months. This means that the ingredients your skin needed 3 months ago may not be what is required as its health continues to improve! You and your therapist can target more and more specific cellular issues as your skin barrier function and overall cellular health improve over time.


My best advice is to be patient. There are no huge shortcuts in skin fitness. It does take work, trust in your therapist, plus using the selection of skin products and equipment she has gathered together for you and, of course, patience - enough patience to stay on track and self-control to not give into fads. Super-fast results are just temporary results and often are just not worth the money! If what you are after is gorgeous glowing skin that shines with health then sustained and consistent action is the key. 



7)    Is a professional skin analysis really that important?

Do it for yourself, because YOU want to look and feel your best. Studies show that people who are "externally motivated" – that is, they want to look better for other people - don't stick with it. Those who are "internally motivated" - meaning they are choosing to prioritise self care, choosing to love and nurture and understand more about themselves and the way their body works - are the ones who stay in it for the long run. Healthy skin, mind and body habits become your actual lifestyle, not something you scramble to do when you need to remedy a problem. My best advice is to be good to your skin - really good – because you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life!


8)    What tools are used and what do they show you?

We use;

  1. Our extensive skin experience, dermal skin training and health and wellness knowledge
  2. A Beau Visage Siascopy Skin Imaging System that can see inside your skin to a depth of 2mm
  3. A woods lamp to assist with indications of hydration, lipid flow and pigmentation
  4. A magnifying lamp to give us closer visuals of the surface of your skin