Body Beautiful

If you don’t believe in love at first sight, you’ve been using the wrong tanning product! Try our new Minx by Miss M Dark Tanning Cream or Everyday Gradual Tan Lotion + receive the best skin smoother Dermaviduals Body Lotion + a pair of exfoliating body gloves, all for ONLY $99, SAVE $50!!


We tried 8 different tanning products before settling on Miss M by Minx Bronzing - they were our absolute favourites for soooo many reasons! 100% Australian made & owned, cruelty free, paraben free & vegan friendly, Minx products are packed full of skin loving ingredients which will leave you looking fabulous and feeling gorgeous.


Combine the tan with the BEST BODY LOTION in the biz and you have one bangin' summer bod happening! “Our philosophy is that tanning is not just a beauty essential it’s a lifestyle product, for all skin types, shapes & sizes, resulting in an Australian Tanning Revolution


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Verve Tanning Services

At Verve we 'buff and polish' the skin before applying the Miss M Dark Ganache Cream Tan. A little drying time before you're out the door looking fab! Our super popular Full Body Exfoliation & Tan takes 50min and costs $75.


SKIN CONSULTS - With every skin consult take 20% OFF ALL PRODUCT PURCHASES (excluding packs)

Skin consults are an absolute necessity to understand the how, why & what of your skin. We'll be able to reveal to you the exact steps you need to take to have the skin you desire. Whether you have teen acne, adult acne, hormonal blemishes, blackheads, dryness, irritation and sensitivity, rosacea, red skin, pigmentation or age spots there are steps that you can take to change it!

We work together to build ‘Your Future Skin Map’, providing a wealth of information about your skin, plus a detailed follow up email. We also track your results over time with our ace diagnostic imaging photos! 

Isn't now the perfect time to regain your great skin? Yes, of course it is!





Commit to your skin and we reward you! See and feel the difference that 2 facials in quick succession can make. It is awesome! CHOOSE ANY 1HR+ FACIAL FROM OUR EXTENSIVE MENU!



Yep. Cleansing Milk, Total Cleansing Cream or Cleansing Gel - all full size, and totally free for you when you have 2 1HR+ facials within a month! 




SPF 15:
Whether it be rain or shine, sunscreen is a must everyday! Dermaviduals SPF 15 protects against both UVA (the ageing ray) and UVB (the burning ray), keeping your skin shielded from the harsh affects of sun exposure. 
Plutioderm is a great day time moisturiser for normal to oily skin types. It contains Salicylic Acid, which is a key ingredient to keeping breakout prone skins smooth, soft and under control!
Mask W/ Vitamins:
Mask with Vitamins is a vitamin cocktail for the skin; containing Vitmains A, C, E and D-Panthenol to correct cell damage, fights free radicals, prevents vitamin deficiency within the skin, supports the formation of skin and collagen, reduces UV damage caused by the sun and helps regulate hydration. This is a must have skincare staple, especially for Summer!
Body Lotion: 
The Body Lotion is an amazing all over skin nourishment and can be used by all skin types. It is super smoothing and hydrating WITHOUT leaving an oily feel to the skin which is perfect for keeping your skin moisturised even through Summer.