Sugaring - The New Smooth!

100% Natural – So natural you could eat it!  Completely ecofriendly. Contains NO chemical additives, NO wax resins, NO perfumes or essential oil, NO Colours, NO preservatives, NO nasties!

100% Hygienic - bacteria does not breed in high concentrates of sugar, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination. One scoop of sugar for each client, disposable gloves, no mess, no problems!

100% Easy – short hairs can be easily sugared, so you don’t have to let your hairs grow long between appointments! Prevents and eliminates ingrown hairs. Gives such a smooth, fresh skin result!

Can achieve permanency – when the hair is sugared in fortnightly appointments, for up to six months. WILL WORK ON WHITE/GREY/RED HAIRS (WHILST IPL/LASER DOESN’T).

Sugaring extracts the hair in its natural direction of growth and does so when the hair is still in its early growth stage. This eliminates breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs whilst also exfoliating dead skin cells. 


Sugaring is so gentle & so effective, & works on all skin types/colours and all hair textures/colours. It is hair removal AND a skin treatment all in one!

No risk of burning your skin! When the sugar paste is massaged onto the skin, the paste seeps into the follicles which allow the body hair to slide out more comfortably for a complete extraction without body hair breakage.

Alexandria products are paraben free, urea free & contain no petrochemicals. The cleanser/toner/moisturiser and many other products (depending on your skins needs) are great pre and post care for your sugaring treatments. Pre and Post care is important to ensure that your sugaring therapist can get all your hairs out in the most comfortable and easiest way for you. As well as improving your skin and ensuring that it’s at its healthiest - and of course - silky smooth!


Middle Brow 10min | 15
Lip, Chin or Neck 10min | 21
Sides 10min | 29
Any 2 small areas above 20min | 39
Any 3 small areas above 30min | 49
Lower ½ legs 30min | 49
Upper ½ legs 40min | 58
3/4 Legs 40min | 68
Full legs 60min | 85
Bikini 20min | 30
XX Bikini (G-string) 30min | 43
XXX Bikini (Landing Strip) 40min | 54
XXXX Bikini (All Off) 40min | 66
Full Arms 40min | 58
Full Arm (Mens) 50min | 78
½ Arms 30min | 48
Underarms 10min | 22
Full Back 40min | 89
1/2 Back 30min | 68
Shoulders 10min | 32
Stomach or Chest 20min | 46